Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2006 World Series Victory Parade

The mounted city officer sporting the flag—it's the best part.
(Aside from the Cardinals winning the series.)

From Stuttgart mit Love

Mosaic in a public plaza in Stuttgart. Hands down my favorite flag image.

A graphic found searching for sister city info.
Makes me want to fabricate this shield and join SCA.

Some borrowed flag images

These images were found online. Apologies in advance.

My house

Old shot, this was our previous address.

Our current home.

Downtown Flags

Taken on the fly.

USBank (Mercantile) across from the Roberts Tower.

Hanging around with a friend. Nice window dressing. Detail of the sign above the door.
Mama Figlia, 1021 Washington.

This photo isn't washed out, both flags were fading.

Sad to see.

901 Olive. Another tangled up flag.

Midwest Soccer Academy 5247 Flyer, St. Louis City

Taken from parking lot and along Brannon.